Welcome to my literary catacombs!

Here are the figurative shelves of my portfolio, stocked with writings of my social commentary, comedies and satire, essays, articles, rants, poetry, stories and assorted thinky-thoughts.

My world is that of intersectional living within eclectic Pagan pantheons and the Left Hand Path, the BDSM lifestyle, Rennie/Pirate, Goth, Steampunk, Metal, classic Horror fandom, Rocka/Psychobilly, Burlesque, PinUp, Kustom Kar, Tiki, 60s Mod, 70s gaud and retro/anachronistic subcultures.

I am a writer, educator, performer, event/after dinner speaker, event coordinator and vendor, MUA/esti (aka The Waxinatrix™) and maven of vintage/antique fashion, deco and aesthetics. I also love a good historical and paranormal sight-seeing excursion or lounging in a garish bar or nightclub.

I’m an LGBTQ+ ally mom, an inclusive Feminist and I also mod online discussion groups dealing with health & wellness, financial growth & education, Pagan outreach, military spouse support and support for those disowned/estranged from vanilla family.

I’m a Femdom, a bodybuilder, homesteader, Flexitarian/Reducetarian, known Tarot & Rune stone reader, ritual guide, stand-up Dommedienne, activist, Army wife and a Suicide Girls reject.



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